Picking Dates


The 2011 picking season is in full swing!

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Saskatoon Berries in our part of Saskatchewan begin ripening anywhere from July 7th to 14th depending on the weather and usually last until the start of August (sometimes into August if the weather isn't very hot).  In our Orchard we grow Northline Saskatoon Berries.

We have 5 varieties of cherries in our orchard and they do ripen differently. 

Cherries begin ripening from August 7th to 14th depending on the weather and usually continue until September.

The varieties of cherries that we offer include Cupid, Juliet, Crimson Passion, Romeo, and Valentine.

We have over 20 apple varieties available in our Saskatchewan orchard and they vary widely in ripening dates.  Only a few of the varieties have names.  We have Prairie Sensation, Autumn Delight, Misty Rose, Patience, Celeste, Red Mike, Anna Gold, and a few that we have named ourselves within our orchard like Little Jewel and Prairie Gold.  The rest have experimental number lots as names. 


Most of our Apple varieties ripen in late August/early September.  The smaller and sweeter varieties are not ready to pick until the end of September.

Our apple trees are grown on dwarfing rootstock which means that the trees do not grow over six feet tall and no ladders are required to pick this fruit.

All of these apples store well with some varieties storing exceptionally well.  Apples store best at just above zero degrees Celsius and in high humidity.

Apples grown without chemicals applied to them to control diseases and pests will have more scarring and marks on them.  In the large majority of cases, this does not affect the apple's taste or texture at all.  We eat right over them and don't notice.